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A bad Lawyer can hurt you MORE than a good Lawyer can help! 

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star1Chancey-Kanavos - Law Firm   - Cleveland, Tennessee    star1star1star1
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Spiritual Retreat
Las Vegas June 17, 2023

You will learn how to manifest everything you desire! Love, Money, Your dream lief. you will also activate all your chakras and be able to tap into power within to attract everything you want. For more information Email: sharon@CuriousDawg.com

Note: Tickets non refunable and you will get by email.
            Disclaimer to sign.
Lawyers NEEDED - Connecticut, person seeking Lawyers to file class action lawsuits against a international corporation.
NEEDED- Knoxville, Tennessee - person seeking Lawyers to file criminal charges against City of Knoxville for assault of person.

Lawyers NEEDED- Tampa, Florida  person looking to file a case against a former employor for unfair labor practice.
NEEDED - Knoxville, Tennessee company looking for legal advise regarding business documents.

Lawyers NEEDED - Nashville, Tennessee company has hired Pinnekel PR to perform a national search for interlectual property rights Lawyers.

please submit referral to j@Pinnekel.com 

Common Illegal Landlord Actions

  • Locking Tenants Out Without Going to Court. ...
  • Entering the Property Without Notice for Non-Emergencies. ...             
  • Raising Rent Without Required Notice. ...
  • Retroactively Raising Rent. ...
  • Raising Rent Above the Limit. ...
  • Not Properly Handling Necessary Repairs.


Pinnekel Media launched VueLawyers.com to help people find the BEST legal advise for their case.

VueLawyers.com has detailed information regarding legal help in your city.


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