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If you have not yet setup your business you will need to decide what type of entity you will be; Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation or a Limited Partnership (LP). Next determine how you would like to pay back investors. If you plan to take the capital as a loan you will need to choose a debt offering. If you plan to take investors capital as a profit sharing venture you will need to choose an equity offering. Finally select which Regulation D Rule is right for your Reg D Offering. Rule 506 can be used to raise any amount of capital regardless of how small or large and is the most widely used Rule under Regulation D. Rule 506 is our recommended exemption based on state securities law acceptance in EVERY state; however, if you plan to raise less than $10 million you can consider using Rule 504. If you plan to raise more than $10 million you must use Rule 506 . Please note Rule 505 is no longer be available. We recommend you  contact a Lawyer. Contuct us and let us help you for a list of Lawyers in your area. 

Canada - Acts passed by the Parliament of Canada and by provincial legislatioutres are the primary source of  law in Canada.

FBI - If you commit a crime on an airplane, you will answer to the FBI

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